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Asha Kiran India is a charitable organization primarily dedicated to supporting poor children and enabling them to go to school to obtain an education. A large part of Asha Kiran India's income is obtained from donations made by the general public and the rest from interest from fixed deposits. Asha Kiran India was founded and registered in June 12, 2000 as a charitable organization in India under Section 80-G of the Indian Income Tax Act, 1961, by GLY Mendon and Krishna Shetty.

Activities that Asha Kiran undertakes:
Asha Kiran India's primary function is to collect funds from the general public and distribute them as needed to poor families that are unable to put their children through school without financial assistance. Poor children are identified by Asha Kiran India volunteers. They pay a visit to the family to assess the average income of the family and their economic condition. If a family qualifies for sponsorship through Ashakiran India, sponsorship money is allocated to one child in the family.

The amount of money given towards the student's education depends on the current grade of the student. As the student progresses in school, the amount of money allocated for the student's education is varied according to his or her grade level. The Asha Kiran India volunteers follow up regularly to encourage the family to continue the education of their child, monitor the progress of the student and provide advice on career opportunities as the student completes high school. The annual disbursement of funds is contingent upon the child obtaining a passing grade each year. If a child does not progress to the next grade level, the schools in India generally allow the student to rewrite the same exams the following year by studying at home that year. Sponsorship is suspended for that year and until he or she passes the current grade.

Beneficiary Selection

Asha Kiran Inc. requires Ashakiran India to adhere to the following criteria for selection of beneficiaries that will receive funds through Asha Kiran Inc.
  • The beneficiaries will be selected depending on the family's economic conditions. The candidate will be a from a poor family with an annual income of no more than Rs 1 lakh per year for formal education and 2 lakhs per year for medical/engineering/management and other professional courses or higher studies.
  • Asha Kiran India representatives will meet the family, visit their home and verify the occupation of the candidate's guardians or parents. The visit will also enable them to verify the living conditions.
  • Asha Kiran India will encourage girl children to go to school and may give them preference for sponsorship.
  • Asha Kiran India will also consider orphans for sponsorship preferentially.
  • As a secular and non-discriminatory organization, Asha Kiran India will not preferentially select beneficiaries based upon religion, region, caste or color.
  • A beneficiary's progress will be monitored by obtaining the progress report card with the grades of the student, each year.
  • If a beneficiary fails to graduate to the next grade, sponsorship for the student will be suspended and the student will be required to reappear and pass the exam next year for sponsorship to be renewed.
  • If a current beneficiary fails to report to their Asha Kiran India contact for renewal of sponsorship, then Asha Kiran India will inquire into the case to check the beneficiary's progress in school. If the beneficiary has not enrolled him or herself into school for the year, Asha Kiran India volunteers will encourage the beneficiary and the family to do so.
  • Asha Kiran India will accept a beneficiary for sponsorship with the goal of having the beneficiary obtain at least a high school degree. If a beneficiary completes high school, Asha Kiran India will provide the students with career counseling for further enrollment into college or/and obtain a job.
The Ashakiran India Board

G.L.Y Mendon, born in 1962, is a Mechanical Engineer and is the chairperson and founder of Ashakiran, India. He resides in Maryland, USA and he coordinates activities between Ashakiran, India and Asha Kiran, USA.

Mr. Krishna Shetty, born in 1949, is a retired manager from Vijaya Bank, and is the vice chairperson and founder of Ashakiran, India. He resides in Mangalore, India and leads the charitable work there. He enrolls and coordinates with beneficiaries, distributes funds to children, monitors their progress, manages the finances of Ashakiran, India and helps coordinate with Asha Kiran, USA.

Mr. Mohandas Suvarna, born in 1952, resides in Mangalore, India. He enrolls and coordinates with beneficiaries, monitors their progress and disburses funds to the beneficiaries.

Mr. Ciprian Lobo, born in 1951, is a retired manager from Vijaya bank and resides in Mangalore, India. Mr. Lobo enrolls and coordinates with the beneficiaries.

Mr. Satish Kotian, born in 1955, resides in Mangalore, India. He enrolls and coordinates with beneficiaries and monitors their progress.


Dr. Prutha Shetty, Born 1978 resides in Leeds, UK. She is in charge of Asha Kiran in United Kingdom which mainly involves coordinating with UK and European Countries' sponsors. She also coordinates Asha Kiran activities in India whenever she is in India.

Mr. Pratap Sangamareddy resides in Karimnagar, Telangana. He looks after Asha Kiranís charitable activities in Karimnagar and Warangal in Telangana. He enrolls new students, monitors their progress, and coordinates with Asha Kiran India and Asha Kiran USA.

Mr. Sharad Srivastav resides in Bindapur, New Delhi. He looks after Asha Kiranís charitable activities in New Delhi. He enrolls new students, monitors their progress, and coordinates with Asha Kiran India and Asha Kiran USA.

Ms. Trupti Rao- Resides in Mangalore, is helping with handling Ashakiran activities in Mangalore. She is ex- beneficiary of Ashakiran and current sponsor of Ashakiran students. She is an engineering graduate and work as lecturer.

Mr. Vinod Kumar Mendon: Resides in Mangalore, is helping with handling Ashakiran activities in Mangalore. He runs his small business.

Mr. Naveen Kulal: Resides in Mangalore, is helping with handling Ashakiran activities in Mangalore. He works in Private Company.

Goals and Achievements

Currently Ashakiran India sponsors the education & clothing of 384 primary, high school, college and professional students as of 2013. Many of them are studying in professional courses such as Engineering, Medical, Management and Computer Sceince.
In total, Ashakiran India has sponsored 821 students, since its inception, majority of them are girls.
Ashakiran India established an Ashakiran module Bellary in Karnataka, and Bindapur in New Delhi.
Asha Kiran added 109 students who were beneficiaries of Smile Trust from Tamilnadu, Pondicherry and Andhra Pradesh.
Asha Kiran added 49 students from the Rangineni Trust (SMEC) who were beneficiaries of Smile Trust. The Rangneni Trust is a well-organized charitable institution founded by Mr. Mohan Rao and Ms. Sujatha Rao. It is located near Siricilla town of Karimnagar DT, Telangana.
Ashakiran India established a scheme for full sponsorship of students studying in professional courses from poor families
Apart from the above achievements, Ashakiran India also provided shelters for two homeless families with a contribution of approximately Rs.20,000

Near Term Goals

Asha Kiran India aims to increase the number of sponsors by 30 this year.
Add more volunteers to work in the field in India.
Create Independent Asha-Kiran Branch in Telangana state.

Long term goals

Continue the new one-to-one sponsorship scheme and add 5 family sponsors every year.
Continue to increase the number of poor children supported by sponsorships
Establish a guidance centre for job oriented education
Establish a boarding school for orphans and street children
Establish old age homes
Establish an institution for mentally and physically challenged children.
Fight social evils like the dowry system and female infanticide
Continue to establish more branches at different Indian cities and abroad with the association of like minded individuals


January, 2017

During his India visit in January 2017, Mr. GLY Mendon has visited with the sponsored children in Manglore and Banglore. He conducted Asha Kiran India Board Meeting and inducted Ms. Revati Suresh and Mr. Krishnanand as Ashakiran Board Member and Volunteer respectively. Site Visit Photos.

August, 2016

During his India visit in August 2016, Mr. Ramana Regulapati met with all the sponsored children in Telangana, children in SMEC Trust Siricilla and children at Sai Seva Trust Hanamkonda. Spoke to the parent[s]/guardians of the children and gave education counselling. Site Visit Photos

September, 2012

One of our beloved founder member Ms. Shusheela Puthran, has expired in Mangalore in late 2011 due to old age. She left behind a ďWILLĒ leaving all her monetary belongings to Asha Kiran India. We could receive apprx. Rs 1,22,000 from her WILL proceedings till now and it has been kept as fixed deposit in the name of Asha Kiran and the interest from the fixed deposit will be used to support poor children's education. Ms. Shusheela Puthranís concern for betterment of Indian society was par excellence in her life and death. She donated all her life savings to different educational and social institutions in Mangalore and Bombay. We salute her soul and pray for her soul to rest in peace.

February, 2012

During his India visit in Feb 2012, Mr. GLY Mendon visited more than hundred children in nearby villages and towns of Mangalore to understand the effect and short coming of Ashakiran Indiaís program along with other board members and volunteers Mr. Krishna Shetty, Mohandas Suvarna, Naveen Kulal, Rashmi Amin, Ashwita Anand, Gayathri Prabhu and V K Mendon . He also discussed with other board members about improving the coordination and reach. He attended the AK India Board meeting held on March 14, 2012.

Please find the below pictures from India which were taken during his visit. Pictures of site visits of students.

December, 2010

Asha Kiran India has taken over the education of about 158 students, who were beneficiaries of now defunct SMILE Trust. We have inducted Mr. Ramana Regulapati, Ex. President of SMILE Trust to the Board of Asha Kiran We hope to tap into his vast experience of handling SMILE Trust and the network of sponsors and make Asha Kiran more resourceful and efficient to chug into the next decade.

June, 2010

Asha Kiran added 55 students to our long list of beneficiaries.

March, 2010

Asha Kiranís New Delhi Module is fully operational with 6 students, thanks to the efforts of Mr. Sharad Srivastav and Ms. Prithvi Shetty.

January, 2010

Ashakiran, USA chairperson Ms.Prithvi Shetty visited New Delhi en route to Mangalore, to kick-start the Ashakiran Delhi module (part of the Ashakiran India project) and the new scheme for one-to-one sponsorship of poor families. She was assisted there by Mr. and Mrs. Jain, and Mr. Sharad Shrivastav. Ms.Shetty visited some poor areas near Bindapur, Delhi and identified 25 families for aid. 5 of these families have since been identified for immediate family help. We proudly announce that within 2 months of her visit, we were able to enlist the aid of 5 sponsors for these 5 families who are willing to spend the $250 required for one family to be able to pay for the education of all the children in that household.
There are also plans in place to set up a tailoring center with help from Ashakiran, to help increase the income of the women from the sponsored families. This scheme will be administered by Mr. and Mrs. Jain and Mr.Shrivastav and is expected to be up and running soon.

June, 2009

Ashakiran's US board members Aarti Kumar and GLY Mendon visited Bellary, Karnataka, to review the progress of the sponsored children during their visit to India. Ashakiran India's annual meeting was held in Mangalore, India. The meeting was attended by AK India project's Vice Chairman Mr.Krishna Shetty, and co-ordinators Mr.Ciprian Lobo, Mr.Mohandas Suvarna, Mr.Satish Kotian, Ms.Sahana Suvarna, Ms. Ashwita Anand, Ms.Rekha Boloor, Mr.V K Mendon, and AK India chairman Mr.GLY Mendon.

January, 2009

Ashakiran's UK Coordinator Dr. Prutha Shetty and sponsor Dr. Girdhar Reddy visited India and held a get-together with Ashakiran, India sponsored Children and their parents. The event was attended by a large number of children and some sponsors like Mr. Rajagopal from Bangalore. The get-together was coordinated by Vice President Mr. Krishna Shetty, coordinators Mr. Ciprian Lobo, Mr. Mohandas Suvarna, Mr. Satish Kotian, Rekha Boloor and V K Mendon. Our sponsored senior students like Ashwita Anand and Sahana Suvarna also chipped in to make the event a success.

October, 2007

22 children have passed out from their courses of study and some of them are gainfully employed.

Sahana Suvarna, an engineering student, has been recruited by Wipro.

Three former beneficiaries, Preethi, Jyothi and Ramesh Alva, are now employed, and have started sponsoring children! We thank them for their spirit in giving back to Ashakiran.

Three more students completed their courses. Two of them are currently employed as teachers.

43 more students were added to Ashakiran's fold in 2007, most of them either orphans, or with a single parent. Ashakiran currently has 113 children studying in different courses. 75% of them are girls.

Our area of operation now spreads to Bellary in Karnataka and Rayadurga in Andhra Pradesh.

Ms. Prutha Shetty has been nominated to be our new coordinator in the United Kingdom.

Older ...
Two students, Jyothi and Preethi, sponsored by Asha Kiran, graduated successfully with engineering degrees. They are now both gainfully employed in their field of education.


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