Asha Kiran welcomes new sponsors on board to join our team of benevolent sponsors.

Mission Statement

At Asha Kiran we believe that education is the path to economic self-reliance, and we strive to make this accessible to the most under-privileged members of the Indian society, by providing their children the means to achieve an academic education.

Our foundation is grounded in secular values and our members are committed toward contributing in various capacities, towards the cause of education and in making a child's life more meaningful. Asha Kiran believes that education, leading to employment is the key to a better future. India has millions of children who do not go to school, largely owing to the lack of financial support. Asha Kiran serves as a unique platform for individuals who would like to contribute toward the development and opportunity for these children to improve their lives.

So join us in our effort to make this change happen.

Our Guiding Principle

"A resurgent India requires a strong sense of community, mutual obligation towards our fellow citizens and a conviction that we shall not pursue our individual interests independent of the needs of our citizens."
    - Modified quotes from Bill Clinton's Biography "Life"

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